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THE CHALLENGE II is designed for the pest management professional.  In these intense video sessions, we’ll quiz you on your knowledge of specific kinds of pests. We cover habits, lifestyle, control, environment, conducive conditions, IPM, and much, much more.  These  DVDs are packed with questions - and the answers - to solidify your knowledge. And using PCVN’s stunning video images, these unique DVDs are perfect for in-house or personal training.

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The Challenge 12-DVD Series


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16 different DVDs! Ants, Termites, Roaches, Rodents, and more!

Pests of Your Life - Mini’s

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PCVN’s classic “Pests of Your Life” series is our most popular ever. The original VHS “Pests of Your Life” programs were about 60 minutes each. Now, we’ve taken the best moments and re-mastered them into a new series of “Mini’s” - shorter programs that retain the best information from this outstanding series, and presented in a format that can easily fit into your training schedule.

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The Practical Pest Management DVD Series

6 DVD Set - Practical, in-the-field programs that focus on “real world” pest management!

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First, PCVN created an instant innovation with our celebrated series “The Pests of Your Life”, which focused on the habits and lifestyles of common structural pests. Now PCVN is focusing on you: the pest management professional. Join our experts as they confront actual, real world situations – the kind you are confronted with every day – and learn as they share their solutions.

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Stunning video segments on spiders, scorpions, rodents, small pest animals, and much more!

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